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About Us

Acucela is a clinical-stage ophthalmology company that specializes in identifying and developing novel therapeutics to treat and slow the progression of sight-threatening ophthalmic disorders affecting millions of people worldwide.

According to visiongain (Visiongain, Ophthalmic Drugs Market Forecast 2015-2025), the worldwide ophthalmic market was $21.1 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to $36.5 billion by 2025, representing a 5.1% compounded annual growth rate.

Our business model has three strategically important foundational components that we expect will drive the Company’s growth in the large, underserved ophthalmic disease market:

  • Strong and differentiated science: A franchise opportunity in Visual Cycle Modulation (VCM) with several VCM compounds under development;
  • Increase in internal research and in-licensing: Pursuing partnering and in-licensing opportunities focused on innovative ophthalmic technologies and expanding internal research capabilities; and
  • Strategic partnerships: Recognizing the importance of building strong working partnerships with a long-term mutual vision to advance and deliver innovative therapies to patients suffering from sight-threatening ophthalmic diseases worldwide.


Innovative ophthalmology company focused on developing therapies to treat sight-threatening diseases


  • To address unmet medical needs in sight-threatening diseases through scientific innovations
  • To build a unique company with continuous value creation for society
  • To create an excellent working environment and quality of life for employees

Acucela has made innovation and doing things differently core to who we are and what we do:

  • They said people don’t start biotech companies in their basement.  We did. 
  • They said we couldn’t come up with an investigational drug candidate in less than two years.  We did.
  • They said that human visual cycle could not be modulated with pharmacologic intervention.  We did.
  • Biotech companies rarely survive beyond 10 years.  We are.
  • No US-based company achieved primary status on the prestigious Mothers Board of the Tokyo Stock exchange.  We did.